I got sick

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I guess it was only inevitable, I ended up catching the flu from the rest of my family at the end of last week and spent last weekend recovering. Then I had a few days this week to play catchup and then caught a nasty head cold. As tonight is our second last curling game of the season I am going to be loading up on the Dristan to skip us to victory! (Or more likely, just try to get some points on the board)

This week we started the move into the new Umycode Technologies office, aka our basement. I am really enjoying that I officially have an office with a closing door. Plus I can cast the Scotties onto the TV down here while I work :)

Between the sicknesses I focussed my attention on getting the next beta for the new Golden Retriever app pushed to our testers. I have added in the ability to edit records that are on the device that have yet to be uploaded to the server as well as the ability to make use of Bluetooth connected GPS devices. If all goes well this will be the final beta (yay!). That means I will be officially pushing the new apps to the respective stores before the end of this week. This has been a very long development cycle and I am so very excited to get the apps into the world.

I have been playing around with Bitwarden as a replacement for LastPass for the past couple months and I honestly do not miss LastPass at all. Which I did not expect as I have been a subscriber of LastPass since the very beginning so I had become used to the “LastPass” way of doing things. But now that Erin will be working with me I need to be able to share parts of my password vault with her and so far I’m liking how easy that is with Bitwarden. Also, the fact Bitwarden is free and open-source is a huge plus.

This week I also watched a few videos on Coinbase to earn some cryptocurrencies. Blockchain.com is also giving way $25 USD in cryptocurrency right now as well. I claimed them all and transfered them to my Trezor. I know, cryptocurrencies are so 2017 but hey, free money is free money.

As you can tell, I tend not to get a ton of coding done when I’m sick. I have found any code I write while congested just means more time fixing bugs later on. And when your entire livelihood is based on providing clients with error free software you tend to be very cautious with pushing bugs. So something I was able to get off my todo list was migrating a bunch of my domains to Cloudflare to take advantage of their registrar service.

Compared to what I was paying for .com domains I should save around 50% on each .com I own, which is awesome. I really hope they add the ability to transfer in .ca domains soon as I own a ton of them and would love to only pay wholesale on those as well. The migrations to Cloudflare worked great except for one minor hiccup with my Rocket.Chat server and it’s reverse nginx proxy due to how Cloudflare itself proxies traffic. However after a few config tweaks (and a cup of coffee) we could all connect to the chat server again. You don’t realize how much you rely on a chat server until it goes down :)

I think that is everything that has happened in Dave’s world since the last post….I’m going to go lie down