Patient Zero

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Right before I sat down to write this post I had to clean chocolate Boost out of a brown shag carpet. Oh, and before the Boost ended up on the carpet it had been inside the stomach of a very sick four year old. Everyone in my house currently has the flu but me. Which likely means I am just tempting fate at this point. But as long as my body holds out until Erin and the boys are better, that is all I can ask.

Even with such a long day behind me, and potentially a long night ahead of me, today was one of those days where I can’t help but be thankful in my choice to work from home and run my own business. I was able to take the entire day off to care for my sick family. I still had the odd ticket to handle (software support never takes a day off) but my clients are so very understanding when I explain why a response may take a little longer today. It is one of the huge benefits of being picky with your clients and only choosing the ones that share the same values as you do. I mean, when you get invited to your client’s Christmas party you know you must be doing something right.

This morning Cory sent me a link to the 15 Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2019 and as I started to read through the list I thought I should probably work on picking up a few of the ones listed. I have close to a decade of System Admin experience but no actual certifications in anything IT related. I had achieved a ton of Health & Safety certifications when that used to be one aspect of my job (I used to work at a small company and as a result wore many hats).

I believe if I picked up a few IT related certifications it could potentially help me get my foot in the door with clients that place a lot of value on credentials as well as allow me to justify an increase in my bid prices. When my company is literally me selling myself to clients I should try to make me the best product I can, right?

I am going to work on the CompTIA ones first (Network+ and Security+) as those are nice well rounded certifications for the IT support side of the business. And then I may try my hand at getting some AWS certifications. Namely the “AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associates” one to start.

Anyway, the house has become really quiet so I’m thinking everyone is finally sound asleep. Which means I have at least a couple hours to myself. Time to catch up on a weeks worth of WWE :)