Stargate Origins

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I found out earlier this week that there had been released a web series set in the Stargate universe. Being a huge Stargate fanboy I had to give it a watch. After having finished it, all I can say is that if I wasn’t so vested in Stargate lore I would not have finished this. It was brutally terrible. The writing and the story itself was so bad.

FYI I am going to spoil the story in the following paragraphs.

The story starts with Catherine whom we all know was there when her father finds the Stargate in the early 1900s. We also meet her father and some friends of hers. She has the Ra pendant already. This is where this “origin” story starts. They jump ahead to around the second world war and the Nazis arrive at the Stargate research site. The Nazis apparently have found documentation that show images of the Stargate being a gateway along with an address (which I believe may be the same address as Abydos).

So to power the Stargate while they turn it they use booster cables connected to a car battery! Now, if you were like me and thought “that is not enough power” well, the writers are quick to point out that they were revving the engine while doing it (what did I tell you about terrible writing?)

The Nazi’s get the gate open and start sending people through. They don’t even wait for people to come back, they just all walk in. You would think they would try and verify this thing wasn’t just killing people but I guess not.

The Goa’uld on the other side is Aset who has been placed in charge by Ra while he is off doing something. The writers make her out to be a compassionate ruler as she treats her slaves like they are good dogs, rather then bad dogs. The Nazi’s convince her (??) they should team up and Hitler would give her more slaves and she can rule over Earth with them.

Of course Ra arrives right at the end of the story and finds out about Aset’s deceptions and kills everyone. But not before Aset wipes the memories of Catherine and her father and sends them back through the gate.

Oh, and she not only wipes their memories but inserts thoughts telling Cathrine she will one day form a team to go through the gate again and for her to give them her Ra pendant when they do. FFS! Then we hear Ra speaking that he needs to move the Stargate now to a new planet so I guess we can assume the planet this story took place on was not Abydos and the gate is being moved there now. This all happens in the last 10 minutes of the series which pretty much removes the entire series from canon.

So when the series concludes nothing actually is added to the canon and instead we are left with a random terrible story added to the Stargate Universe.