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I just finished my every-few-year rewatch of the complete series of Wonderfalls (which really doesn’t take that long as there was only 13 episodes made). It may be hard to believe but even 14 years later I still love this show. I remember watching the first four episodes as they aired back in 2004 and then wondering, where did it go? Only to find out later that they canceled it after just those first four episodes. I could not contain my excitement when I stumbled upon the DVDs randomly the following year.

There was just something about the characters and the comedy that hooked me back then. When the show premiered I had just left university and was starting life on my own. A situation similar to that of the main character which, of course, instantly pulled me in. Plus she lives in an Airstream which seemed like about the coolest thing to me back then.

In in purest form it is a story of finding yourself and your own place in the world. Something all of us can relate to having experienced.

If you can track down the episodes give them a watch