Alkaline Trio

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Today I decided to listen to some of my albums from my youth and I had forgotten how great Alkaline Trio’s “From here to infirmary” was. Cover to cover that is just a fantastic listen. I may be biased as this was the first Trio album I ever listened to back in 2003.

I still remember the first time I heard Alkaline Trio. It was in my brother and I’s apartment located above Edo Japan in Hub Mall. He had just been given a disk of mp3s from a friend and was going through the collection, listening to a few tracks from each folder on the disk. Then he played “Private Eye” and my life was changed as soon as the track finished. I was hooked. It was exactly the type of music I had been looking for at that point in my life and I could not even tell you how many times I have listened to Trio tracks over the 15+ years since. For reference here is the track list from that album:

  • “Private Eye”
  • “Mr. Chainsaw”
  • “Take Lots with Alcohol”
  • “Stupid Kid”
  • “Another Innocent Girl”
  • “Steamer Trunk”
  • “You’re Dead”
  • “Armageddon”
  • “I’m Dying Tomorrow”
  • “Bloodied Up”
  • “Trucks and Trains”
  • “Crawl”

I mean, just look at that track list! So many great lyrics in that set of songs. I think I am going to go listen to the entire album again :)