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It has been an insanely busy summer and fall here in the Umrysh household. But good busy, if that is a thing. I hear people say it, so I am assuming it is a thing. I’ve been very fortunate to have more projects to work on than time to work on them. As I approach my first year anniversary of starting my own software development and IT support company I am very excited for what the future will bring. One cool change comes in the way of a business name update. I had been going as “Umrysh Consulting” but have found that doesn’t really convey the true nature of my business. So after much thought (and checking for available domain names) I have decided on “Umycode Technologies”. I plan to revamp the website in the new year but right now I have just used my original one and changed the company name where applicable:

During the summer I also began building a new software platform which has yielded much success so far, and I haven’t even officially launched it yet, which is so very exciting. Before the end of the year I should have close to 100 paying users. I will likely post more about that particular project on this feed at some point. Probably after I have officially launched it to the world.

Which brings me back to the feed. I recently re-watched The Internet’s own boy (which you can watch for free on Youtube). Man, is that such a great (and sad) movie. It is so hard to believe we lost Aaron 6 years ago already. A couple days later I saw an article that Aaron’s blog officially went dark recently and I stumbled across a github repo that compiled all of Aaron’s blog posts into an ebook. Having never read his blog I decided to work my way through this ebook.

In one of his first posts he wrote the following:

“So that’s what this blog is, I write here about thoughts I have, things I’m working on, stuff I’ve read, experiences I’ve had, and so on. Whenever a thought crystallizes in my head, I type it up and post it here. I don’t read over it, I don’t show it to anyone, and I don’t edit it – I just post it.

I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practising expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me. I hope that you enjoy it anyway.”

Reading that passage reminded me why I originally started this feed and has excited me to start writing again